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Who We Are

Blue Strategy Africa is an international business performance consultancy with offices in New Jersey (USA), Johannesburg (South Africa), Nairobi, (Kenya) and Lusaka (Zambia). We continually assist our clients to achieve breakthrough business results. Using our unique action driven approach, analytical tools and frameworks, we focus on helping our clients to improve their business performance; develop a people oriented leadership which enable a high performance culture, organizational transformation and financial profitability.
Our consultants have over a century of pragmatic experience in both public and private sectors. With this wealth of experience, Blue Strategy Africa has become one of the leading consulting firm in innovative strategy.
Through Blue Ocean Strategy we assist our clients to find ways in which they can connect to the market realities and align it with organizational strategy to create an uncontested market space where there is no effective competition.
Through our unconventional leadership methodology Blue Ocean Leadership, our clients have been able to identify leaders from all three levels of management (Senior, middle and frontline). These leaders are now able to unlock oceans of untapped employee talent, energy and potential thus helping in resolving the most difficult task among leaders Increasing employee engagement. This has resulted in increasing productivity levels and organizational revenue growth.



John Achokah:  Chief Executive Officer

John is a corporate expert in Blue Ocean Strategy, strategic planning, strategy formulation and execution, performance management and leadership development and with extensive global and regional experience. He is reputed for his pragmatic approach to the development of strategic plans and successful implementation of Strategy using the Blue Ocean Strategy.

An expert in value innovation, John has assisted many organizations (both public and private) across Africa, in redefining their strategic approach that has enabled them to adapt a non-conventional way of steering their businesses away from competition and creating blue oceans.

John previously worked in the USA for Home Depot, ADP, C3i and Pfizer and in South Africa for Eskom holdings, Africa’s largest power utility company with over 40,000 employees and for Exxaro, South Africa’s second largest coal mining company before joining Blue Strategy Africa as CEO.


Anne W. Makori:   Managing Partner (Eastern Africa)

Anne is a trans-formative business leader with hands on experience in Strategy Development and Implementation, Organizational Change management, A Certified professional Trainer with practical experience in Administration and governance. She is also an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya.

Anne has served in various capacities as a General Manager of HR and legal. She has been involved in two major transformational undertakings, first at The Standard Group and most recently at Faulu Microfinance Bank.

Anne holds a Master of Arts in Leadership (Business Entrepreneurship), an LLB from the University of Nairobi and a PGHD in Human Resource Management. She has over twenty years of employment in various corporates and has served in the following Board Committees: RMC, ALCO, Strategy, Nominating & Remuneration Committees.



Asoneth Matara: Managing Partner (Southern Africa)



Martin Williams: Managing Partner (North America)