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What is a Blue Ocean Strategy In HR?

Traditionally, strategy formulation has involved the C level executives, board of directors and other relevant stakeholders excluding members of other functions within the organization. This has posed a great challenge when it came to implementation causing stagnation in the execution of strategy. The truth of the matter is, HR happens to be the most important function in any given organization.

Over the years, the transition that has seen HR move from just a personnel management function to Human Resources management has transformed the HR professionals from personnel managers to becoming advisors of the organization?

Many economies have now moved from production based and have now become knowledge based economies. What does this mean? It means that HR professionals will need to assist line managers to understand this important transition.

As custodians of people in the organization, HR professionals will need to come up with ways in which they can drive corporate strategy and their involvement during strategy formulation is pivotal in any given organization.

The Four Pillars of Blue Ocean HR

Once the strategy has been formulated and to enable proper execution, HR professionals will need to think innovatively while doing the following:

Identifying what culture is needed to support strategy.
 Reconstructing the employment brand.
 Analyzing the employee experience
 Generating and sustaining high performance.

The HR Blue Ocean Strategy workshop provides the methodologies, tools and frameworks introduced in the best-selling book ‘Blue Ocean Strategy’; participants will get a deeper understanding of BOS theory and concepts and how they can apply it in the HR environment. Moreover, the fast pace and hands-on experience will build strong teamwork dynamics while sharpening participants’ strategic thinking in a fun, engaging way.


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