Recapturing Your Employment Brand


Employment brand is an image or impression that enhances how your company is perceived as an employer. In other words, it’s the image that your prospective, current and past employees have in their minds about the employment experience at your company.

In addition to attracting new employees, the promise also gives current employees a sense of pride and a shared mission. It is more than a fancy logo or witty buzz phrase.

In order to find suitable solutions to employee poaching, employee retention and resolving the issue of employee turnover, Human Resource professionals will need to make sure that they find ways in which they can create an employment brand for their organization.


    EBGive life to your brand!


Identify an Employment Brand team

HR will need to drive the process by first identifying the branding team members. Remember, this is an employment branding team which is separate from the Company brand often driven by the marketing team

This team will comprise of representatives from:

  • HR
  • Marketing
  • Entry level employees
  • Veteran team members (Senior level participation is a must)


Identify your existing Employment Brand

If you already have an existing employment brand, find out what the perception is.

  • Is it good? Is it bad? Or is it indifferent? If it exists, who does it speak to?
  • Do you have an employee value proposition?
  • What is your culture?


Define what you would like your brand to be

  • Review both the strength and weaknesses in your current employment brand image
  • What sets you apart from the competition today?
  • What will set you apart tomorrow?


Communicate your Employment brand

  • Give your brand a visual identity
  • Make it real – you have to live up to your message
  • Make a commitment to your current employees, prospects and future members of your team


          Remember, changing your employment brand won’t happen overnight!!


By John Achokah (CEO, Blue Strategy Africa)





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